Does my session come with an engineer?
Yes. A trained audio/video engineer will be there so you don’t have to worry about anything in regards to equipment or recording your podcast.

Can I have a guest or a segment where someone calls in via Zoom or Riverside?
Yes. If your remote guest has a web cam or microphone we can call them and you will be able to see and here them both in the studio and on your podcast please select “Remote Guest” when booking.

What are your rates?
It all depends on what package you are looking for but rates and booking is all done via our website. LA, NYC, & ATX.

What is your cancelation/refund/credit policy?
We have a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours you will be charged $125 per hour you booked. If you no-show or cancel after your scheduled time you will be charged the final amount. If you paid for additional services such as editing, that will be credited towards your next booking.

I’m ready to book, can you hold this day and time for me?
The only way to reserve a time is to book it via our site. LA, NYC, or ATX.

How do I get my audio/video files?
The best way is to bring in an external hard disk or SSD but we can email your files via Google Drive slightly compressed, audio will not be compressed. You will receive a link to your files EOD on the day you record. Make sure to download your files asap as we only keep them on google drive for one month.

What if we go over the time we booked?
We are fairly lenient with time however if you go over 30 minutes past your scheduled time we do start charging per half hour. We will stop you early if we have another podcast booked to record after yours.

What’s parking like?
At our LA location we have one parking spot available for you in the lot behind the building as well as ample street parking and paid lots in the surrounding area. The parking lot can be found by turning onto Harper Avenue from Sunset Blvd and making a left into the parking lot that is behind our building.

NYC is just street parking, no dedicated parking spot on our property.

Can I have a tour?
Yes! But tours are by appointment only, so please email or text us so we can get it scheduled for you.

What are your hours?
We do not have set hours but can accommodate any booking time with advance notice and scheduling.

How many people can the studio accommodate?
Our table is set up for four people, we can fit a maximum of five. It is a fairly small space, off camera we have room for two additional people. This is not a film set and we are not set up for large crews.

How can I customize the studio to be more personal for my show?
You are welcome to hang a sign on our wall or place a sign on the table. You can place small items on the table or shelves behind the table. You can bring in mic flags for our Shure SM7b’s. You are welcome to change the color of the background lights. Our furniture is permanent and cannot be moved. We do not have a TV to display your logo or brand.

What kind of Equipment do you have?
Our full equipment list can be found here.

Do you have a bathroom?
Yes, we have a restroom, it is shared with our building and cannot be used for a dedicated hair/makeup person.

Do you allow pets?
No. We do not allow pets, including dogs. We follow ADA guidelines regarding Service Animals, and Emotional Support Animals do not qualify.

Do you provide water?
Yes we have a stocked fridge full of complimentary refreshments for you and your guest(s).

Can I book audio only and bring in my own cameras?
No, if you would like you shoot a video podcast at our studio you must use our video services.

Still have questions?
Feel free to Contact Us!


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