Does my session come with an engineer?
Yes. A trained audio/video engineer will be there so you don’t have to worry about anything in regards to equipment or recording your podcast.

What is your cancelation/refund/credit policy?
We have a strict 24 hour cancelation policy. We understand no one wants to cancel their podcast, every canceled podcast has a very valid reason. None the less their is several reasons we have this strict policy. #1 We still reserved the space for you and can no longer rent it out to someone else. #2 We still need to pay our engineer for time you booked. If we were to cancel on you we would give you a full refund even if we had a valid reason to cancel. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I have a guest or a segment where someone calls in via Zoom or Riverside?
Yes. If your remote guest has a web cam or microphone we can call them and you will be able to see and here them both in the studio and on your podcast.

How do I get my audio/video files?
The best way is too bring in an external hard disk or ssd but we can email your files via Google Drive in a compressed format. Make sure to download your files asap as we only keep them on google drive for one month.

What if we go over the time we booked?
We are fairly lenient with time however if you go over 30 minutes past your scheduled time we do start charging per half hour. We will stop you early if we have another podcast booked to record after yours.

What’s parking like?
At our LA location we have one parking spot available for you in the lot behind the building as well as ample street parking and paid lots in the surrounding area. The parking lot can be found by turning onto Harper Avenue from Sunset Blvd and making a left into the parking lot. NYC is just street parking, no dedicated parking spot on our property.


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